Tuesday, March 15, 2005

More Resources Sustaining Rev. Wayne J. Plumstead

I am glad to bring to your attention two articles. One is by Winnie Stubbs, the lay leader and Chairperson of the Personnel Committee of the church pastored by Rev. Wayne Plumstead whose writings I tell about in a recent entry. And one article is by Jack Plumstead, the father of Wayne Plumstead.

The careful article by Mrs. Stubbs is posted on "Friends of Aesthetic Realism--Countering the Lies" under this title: Statement by Winnie Stubbs, Lay Leader, Park United Methodist Church (Bloomfield, NJ). To read her Statement about Rev. Wayne Plumstead, click here.

And the moving article by Jack Plumstead, whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years, can be seen too on the "Friends of Aesthetic Realism" website. You can find it under the title Statement by Jack Plumstead (Father of Rev. Wayne Plumstead).

Under the title Aesthetic Realism, Ethics, & Literature: February 2005 further links are provided to the above pages sustaining Wayne Plumstead, United Methodist minister.

An article that you should know about is one in which Rev. Plumstead is quoted criticizing "dotbusters." This is a term used in Jersey City, where he was then pastor, for persons who attacked Indian-Americans of Hindu faith. The article was in Hinduism Today, November, 1987, and can be seen on their website. To read Wayne Plumstead in Hinduism Today click here.

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