Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Aesthetic Realism and Anthropology Classes Winter/Spring 2007

Taught by Arnold Perey
6:00 PM alternate Wednesdays 3rd Floor Library
Winter-Spring 2007

Aesthetic Realism Lesson in Anthropology Taught by Eli Siegel

This semester we study an Aesthetic Realism lesson in which Eli Siegel explored questions central to anthropology. We study it in light of this great organizing principle: “The world, art, and self explain each other: each is the aesthetic oneness of opposites.” Is this the concept which brings organization to the diversified field of anthropology? In this semester we say why the answer is yes.

January 24 Thanking the Corn Maiden—and Others

February 7 Does Marriage Include More Than a Couple? Looking at Westermarck’s History of Human Marriage

February 21 The Terrible Transformations of Respect -- India / Africa / USA

March 7 Thievery, Plagiarism & Contrariness in the Tribe

Beginning with Indians and getting to those of us who aren’t.

March 21 Separation from Reality and People: Why?

“The King of Abyssinia always dines alone.” --Ernest Crawley, The Mystic Rose

April 4 The Organizing Principle Is in Aesthetics

Students speak on an instance of anthropology.

Saturday April 21 What Principle Is in Native American Art?

Joining THE VISUAL ARTS AND THE OPPOSITES class at the Museum of the American Indian, 11 AM at One Bowling Green, NYC

For more information go to my website: Aesthetic Realism: A New Perspective for Anthropology and Sociology.